Hello Friends in this article we’ll describe to you about the PRI Primary Rate Interface. its applications and actually the breakdown of a PRI. We have what’s called a T1 that comprises 24 channels 23 of those channels are used for voice. The 24th channel is known as the Delta Channel that’s to set up calls takedown calls as well as the River caller ID name and number information internationally. We have what’s called an E1 that comprises 31 channels 30 of those channels are the B channels or beta channels and the 31st channel is the detail though is known as the Delta Channel.

The Delta Channel sets up the column takes down the call as well as delivers caller ID name and number information to help explain how PRI works. Let’s take a look at this diagram

if you notice on the diagram in the top left corner we have what’s called the telephone exchange building, that is also known as the phone company or your carrier. Middle of the page would be your location to the right of that would indicate your phones as well as a fax machine. In the middle of the page, you’ll notice there’s a PRI card inside of your PBX. The purpose of a PRI card is to handle the PRI line that will come into your phone system. The purpose of a PRI card is to separate out the voice and data channels below that you’ll notice there’s a local area network. Remember a beer I can also be used for data applications.

How does PRI work?

The local area network would contain items such as IP phones, Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi phone as well as a softphone also on an E1 or international circuit. you’ll notice is comprised of actually 31 channels on our diagram it shows 30 channels those will be the voice channels the 31st channel again is the Delta Channel. The purpose of the Delta channel is to set up calls take down calls as well as deliver caller ID name and number information below that you’ll notice in our diagram there’s an architecture diagram indicating the channel assignment. if you look to the left channels one all the way to 30 would be the voice channels the 31st channel would be the Delta channel in the US on a regular t1 24 channels there would be 23 b channels or voice channels. The 24th channel would be the Delta Channel.

In this diagram shows a breakdown of what the PRI line is again this is for illustration. How PRI would look like, you’ll notice that there are tubes 23 of those tubes are for the voice channel. Make sure to vote those are also known as the B channels that would contain user voice data, image and sound. The 24th channel is the D channel indicated with the two by itself that would be for call signalling set up user packet data information. That D channel is comprised of 64k if you look further down the page, you’ll notice the diagram indicates a primary rate interface diagram of 23 b-channels in 1dchannel. Again the B channel would start a channel number one and go through channel number 23.  The D channel which is a 24 channel would be referenced by itself as a single channel again responsible for setting up call signalling user packet data, caller ID name and number.

Now I wanted to go into a little bit of the advantages of having an ISDN PRI. The first advantage would be the cost. Most companies today come to us at Star SS Enterprise with individual phone lines. Each individual phone line is charged by the phone company with a local PRI ISDN PRI. you can have what’s called a circuit charge what that is you can put multiple phone lines on one pair eye circuit and have a lower cost. another advantage of the ISDN PRI is some features that come with an ISDN PRI, that you can add on would be first would be a DID direct and we’re dialling that would be. If you wanted to have an individual phone line assigned to one particular user, you can also have what’s called a DOD direct.

Our dialling that would be used for the application of a call centre. You also will have caller ID that will be named a number delivered as well as call hunting. Within call hunting, you can have both a sequential and ghee sequential. A sequential would basically start at the first channel on ego all the way through channel 23 and then back to channel one. This would be a great application If you already have a call centre and multiple users need you can answer the phone when someone calls in you can also do D sequential. You said much would be is that you start on channel 23 and go backwards up to channel 1. The event of that would be if you have users that are sitting in a pool in a call centre and they need to dance their phone or different priority.

Now that I’ve reviewed with you what is ISDN PRI is. We’ve reviewed some of the features and benefits of PRI. I wanted to share with you a diagram that will illustrate a way that we are actually using PRI Today to cut costs for organizations. As you’ll see on the diagram in the left corner we have public internet, in the middle, we have carrier network and below we have the phone company or the carrier to the right of that T1 Circuit.

You’ll notice it says private one certain to the right would be your locations which are comprised your PC users. Your servers and also your phone system with this type of application of PRI we are migrating or merging Internet traffic as well as voice traffic being delivered over a PRI. This is a great benefit to companies such as hospitals, financial firms, schools, manufacturers and auto dealerships just to name a few the advantages to appear. I will provide increased flexibility with the option to assign channels for specific purposes such as voice data ribbon video.

What is the advantage of PRI?

Most PRI circuits also come with SLA service level agreements that ensure service uptime and call quality as indicated in their diagram. You’ll notice that you’re having the internet as well as voice is being delivered over one circuit to your location. That one circuit can now your PC users as well as your phone system instead of having a separate PRI like most companies did in the past one for voice and one for data. The new integrated access PRI can offer users data as well as the voice being delivered again on the same transport.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this overview of ISDN PRI service if you have additional questions that you need to be answered these don’t hesitate to call us at Star SS Enterprises the number below. We also provide PRI services and corporate discount for corporates our contact details mention below thank you.

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