Managed DDos

A future-ready business must have strong security solutions to support it. In the absence of this, large cost implications arise from possible attacks like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Business and revenue are impacted as internet bandwidth resources get constricted and genuine users are denied access to the web services. Apart from that, there’s also an adverse impact on brand image, lost employee productivity, loss of customers, additional help desk costs, recovery costs, and more.

Designed especially for our Internet Leased Line (ILL) customers and closely integrated with our internal network, the anti-DDoS solution helps us detect and mitigate various DDoS attacks before they reach your network. We have partnered with Arbor Networks, a world leader in DDoS protection, to offer this fully managed solution entirely as a platform-based (cloud) service.


Vodafone Managed DDoS Protection safeguards your business with benefits like:

  • No on-premise hardware required specifically for DDoS protection
  • Reduced load for in-house security teams
  • Offers a fully managed service with SLA
  • Helps avoid large cost implications from possible large-scale DDoS attacks

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